New Hydra II is based on the same philosophy of LT consoles, you will have more power and speed with a new and evolve intuitive graphic interface. You will have at your disposal to 4 different models:

Control of conventional channels & fixture attributes: 3072
DMX (XLR5) Outputs: 3
Ethernet-DMX Outputs: 6
Submasters: 24 + 3 Configurable

More power

The new Hydra II console, is much powerful. With a dual-core microprocessor and up to 4GB RAM, runs smootlhy the latest version of Windows Embedded OS. The power will not be a concern.

More speed

Our consoles have been characterized by the speed that has characterized in its design. The Hydra II have been designed on this basis. A solid state drive 32 GB, allowing fully boot in 25 seconds, both the operating system and the application. Before you realize, the console is ready to work.

New user interface

Our software have been completely redesigned, providing to the console the most requested enhancements by our users. It has a 7-inch touch panel with a 800×480 resolution.Through it you can handle a variety of lighting devices multi-parameter (color changes, moving lights, LED systems, etc). Spot colors are gone.

If you have used our LT consoles LT daily, jump into the new Hydra II will only be a mere easily transition.