New version 3.50 has already launched for new Hydra II. This new version can now be updated through the installers that you can find below. Also, with this version, you can download software simulators can be executed on a PC.

New Features

  • Integration of the simulator.
  • Fixtures selection.
  • eBox: From this version, 3.50, the configuration menu of eBOX from LT (DMX<>Ethernet) is integrated inside ETHERNET CONFIGURATION menu.
  • Menú Tools, Software Updates: In this menu there is a new option that allows to you updating of console software for future versions.
  • Shows converter: New version of shows converter, ltShows130, allows to you converting of shows stored from consoles Hydra Space, Sky, Spirit & Plus and consoles Piccolo & Piccolo Scan to Hydra II format.


  • Fixtures y encoders.
  • Submasters commands
  • @user: Screen of @User function has been renewed. It appears on the touch screen and from the external keyboard you have all text editing facilities, including selections with the mouse and the commands to cut (Ctrl + X), paste (Ctrl + V), copy (Ctrl + C), etc.


Solved Bugs

  • Fixtures on editor.
  • Libraries modification.
  • Command of error loading submaster.
  • Command Line.
  • LN.TM function & A/B sequence.
  • Release.