New version 3.35 has already launched for all Hydra consoles. Bug fixs errors only.

Solved Bugs

  • EDITOR: When the option “Only Stored Chs” was activated (on menu 60: Monitors Configuration) the information showed in the base screen was not correct for the BLIND editor. This bug is solved.
  • MIDI: When the console transmitted the information about one of their faders (0->255) by a MIDI controller (0->127,0->127) a cero value was entered in the middle of the fader value. This bug is solved.
  • LN.TM FUNCTION: When the end cue of the Crossfader X was executed with the LN-TM function active (learning crossfade times), the console crashed. This bug is solved.
  • DIMMER PARAMETERS: If dimmer parameters as “Shutter”, “Strobo” or “S-Dim” was defined and it had a dimmer palette assigned, on certain circumstances, the console crashed. This bug is solved.
  • SCROLLERWhen user defined a Scroller, a same palette can be assigned to more than one gel (step). This bug is solved. When user edited the gels of a patched Scroller (inside patch), this Scroller lose its dmx address. This bug is solved.
  • FIXTURES: For fixtures that have no X/Y parameters, when these are selected and you press PARAM, X/Y parameters were showed as option in the options window. If one of these parameters were selected, the console crashed. This bug is solved.
  • TRACKING: With Return Track option as DISABLED; the Shapes that are activate on Masters, they are always in Play mode, including when its Master is inactive (zero). This bug is solved.