New version 2.08 has already launched for Piccolo & Piccolo Scan.


Functions as:
GROUP # MDFY {modifications} REC
CUE # MDFY {modifications} REC

They have been enhanced to allow modifications of groups/cues only with the editor contents (edited from keyboard or channel faders)… this will make it easier to make small changes to live.

These modifications are done using only the editor contents. These commands will never modify groups/cues using the scene output.

  • FIXTURES LIBRARY: Changed the name of the manufacturer Pearl River (ID:23), from now PR (not RIVER). This change does not involve any change beyond the name.
  • SHAPES EDITOR: Inside Shapes editor, there is a new method to toggle between these 2 tables, and from this version,
    only is needed to press OPTIONS for this.
  • PAGING EXAM PAGES: Paging in exam mode was not correct. The exam pages about libraries were only available on external monitor.
  • SUBMASTERS LEDS: LEDs levels have been improved. In this way, the level of loaded Submaster and active Submaster are now more easily differentiated.


Solved Bugs

  • LN.TM FUNCTION: When the end cue of the Crossfader X was executed with the LN-TM function active (learning crossfade times), the console crashed. This bug is solved.
  • FIXTURES: For fixtures that have no X/Y parameters, when these are selected and you press PARAM, X/Y parameters were showed as option in the options window. If one of these parameters were selected, the console crashed. This bug is solved.
  • WOLE: Inside simulator (wole), the 5 keys over the display (1B..5B) didn’t work. This bug is solved.
  • TRACKING: With Return Track option as DISABLED; the Shapes that are activate on Masters, they are always in Play mode, including when its Master is inactive (zero). This bug is solved. With Return Track option as ENABLED, the group/cue of a Submaster that was been modified in BLIND mode was not updated when the Submaster reached its zero. This bug is solved.