New version 3.40 has already launched for all Hydra consoles.


  • MOVE IN BLACK FUNCTION: This function is designed for playback of the X crossfade and the cue lists. It allows to you moving of parameters (colors, positions…) of fixtures when their dimmers is at off (@00), avoiding in this way that these changes can be “saw” on stage… using this function is more easy and quick to program a theatre sequence…

Solved Bugs

  • EDITOR: Sometimes, modifying groups or cues with Shapes, if the first modification action were add a Shape, the system crashed. This bug is solved.
  • SHOWS – LOAD SELECTED: Loading show pages from Load Selected options, if page 0 (current page) had a group/cue that there is not in the console, system crashed. This bug is solved.
  • KEYS SEQUENCE: Keys sequence CUE DELETE M# erased all cues. This bug is solved.