New version 4.02 has already launched for new Hydra II. Only bug fixs for this release.


  • SCREEN OF CHANNEL/FIXTURE EXAM: Screens about exam of channels & fixtures were been updated. It’s accessed with the usual commands of exam. When one of these exam screen has been selected, it’s possible to change to Channels exam, Fixture exam, or Free Channles & Fixtures exam (only selecting the desired Tab).
  • NEW GRAPHIC LIBRARY INCLUDING NEW GOBOS: New graphic library including new gobos. Updating this library is optional, as it’s just a collection of images that can be used only to create new fixtures.

Solved Bugs

  • SCROLLER PARAMETER WITHOUT STEPS: It’s not allowed to create parameter as SCROLLER with 0 steps, because the console crashed when patching the fixture.
  • COMMAND OF CUE # CHANNEL # CALL: In this command, if the channels had reference to a library of dimmer, not level was called.
  • SHAPES EDITOR: Sometimes editing Shapes, the console is crashed to delete all items from Shape.