New version 4.10 has already launched for new Hydra II.


  • GAME MENU: Since this version, console includes an entertainment game. The game has no problem in running the console; clock console & its temporizations will continue to operate. Please, play responsibly.


  • EXAM & MODIFICATION FOR SUBMASTERS AND PAGES: Screens of exam or modification about current page (Submasters) or any stored page have been updated.
  • SHOWS ASCII: About ASCII Shows: the default of time-in, for cues, not exported (this default time is a time not edited, only is a value by default). Now, when we export an ASCII Show, we are allowed to select the option to export the current value of this time.
  • WORKING LIGHT: Turning off the console, working light immediately is turned off.


Solved Bugs

  • TOUCH PANEL IN MASTER/SLAVE MODE – SYNCRONIZATION: Working in Master / Slave mode, sometimes, especially editing Shapes, windows that were shown on touch screens, of master and slave, did not remain synchronized; and sometimes, to cause serious errors.
  • SHAPES EDITOR – COMMANDS MOVE TO & DELETE: If, from the Shape list, SHAPE/LIST, a stored Shape was moving to other number, MOVE TO, and then this Shape was deleted, DELETE, console is crashed.
  • EXAMINING GROUPS AND CUES WITH AND WITHOUT SHAPES: Examining groups or cues (exam of content); passing by one without Shapes, Shapes no longer the visualized more.
  • EXAM SCREENS: Sometimes, the first time to enter in an exam screen, you could modify some parameters, it was a initialization problem.
  • “OPTIONS” RED SCREEN: About red lists of options, the downer button of displacement was missing.
  • BLIND EDITOR: In the external Display, the fixture parameters were not updated when they were edited from editor in BLIND mode.