New version 4.20 has already launched for new Hydra II.


  • CHANNELS VISUALIZATION: Channels window, includes new functionalities.There are three visualization options, placed in the window title, and that the user can select using the mouse.
  • START WINDOW & DISPLAY SETTINGS: In the start window of the console, and, with the objetive of improve the process the display setting, now, it inlcuded a direct access to the tool of Display Settings. If this is the first time you connect a VGA display (not recommended) or connect one / two DVI displays and touch screen does not respond properly.
  • MENU / MONITOR: Menu MONITOR has been improved and completed. Display Settings (only for console) allows to you accessing to the System Display Settings. You will need it the first time you connect a VGA display (not recommended) or connect one / two DVI displays and touch screen does not respond properly.


  • CHANNELS PATCH: Two new functions appear inside Channels Patch:
    • Default Patch: It reassigns each system channel, in ascendant order, with consecutive dimmers, starting from dimmer 1 of line 1 (1:1)
    • Delete Patch: It deletes any assignation of dimmers to channels. In other words, channels haven ́t dmx output. Very used when you need to edit Patch starting “from zero”.
  • MENU / ETHERNET CONFIGURATION: From this version and to facilitate the configuration of your network card and the Ethernet connection of the console, you can access to the system window “Network Connections” from the ETHERNET CONFIGURATION menu.
  • MENU / USER SETUP / SYSTEM: The options of this menu have been relocated, deleting the obsolete options, and improving the option of Beep, where now in addition to activate and to deactivate this signal, you can adjust the frequency of the same. Frequencies range for this signal, beep, is from 500Hz to 20000Hz, with intervals of 100Hz.
  • MENU SHOWS: From this version, into file directory, each disk unit shows its quantity of free memory.


Solved Bugs

  • SHOWS WITH MACROS – VERY IMPORTANT BUG!!! A show with macros, stored with the version 4.20 cannot be loaded from software version 4.20. The show is correct and cab be loaded from new software versions, as this 4.21. It’s a fault about the loading process. This bug is fixed.
  • VISUALIZATION OF SUBMASTERS: When a Submaster that had been Inhibit or Absolute, and then, it was reloaded with a QList or Effect, the old red line was showed in red color with the new information. This bug is solved. When a Submaster loaded with a QList or an Effect was emptied, the gray background of the item was kept. This bug is fixed.
  • STARTUP WINDOW: When startup window appeared, the warning beep was not emitted. This bug is fixed.
  • KEY REPEATS: Sometimes, repeatedly pressing a key while we have a red window of “waiting” (that appears in long processes) the system could crash. This bug is fixed.
  • REMOTE CONTROL: When, from the Remote Control, the command [SHIFT][SHIFT] [POS], followed of the arrows keys, was executed, the system crashed. This bug is fixed.
  • OTHERS: Software keys in touch panel are not updated instantly after a show is loaded. Resume window, that appears after show is loaded, now, is closed. Sometimes, numeric keyboard didn’t select menus of the menu list. Mouse scroll didn’t works fine in the QList/Sub tab, in concrete, when the Submaster list (to select that Submaster is in screen) has scroll. These bugs are fixed.