New version 4.52 has already launched for new Hydra II.


  • LIVE.T FUNCTION: (live-time) function has changes its use, improvement the agility in its application as tool for live use, starting from this version, this time will be more dynamic and accessible. This time is used from editor in live editions. Its value is showed in the status line, and is controlled using C3 special fader. Live.T is applied to palettes,
    libraries, groups, cues… with functions as TEST, CALL, HOME…
  • BANK KEYS ON TOUCH PANEL: Touch panel has 30 soft keys, BANK keys that allow to you to access to macros, groups, positions, colors, etc.
  • AUTO MODE: This mode is a combination of the previous fixed modes, and these modes are selected automatically each time that the user press one of some keys.
  • FREE MODE: In this mode, BANK keys are configured by the user. Console has 10 banks (300 keys) to program them with the desired direct accesses. This mode is more used in playback process, when the show is finished, and it helps us to manual selections and playbacks.


  • LANGUAGUE (SYSTEM): Now, operative system has capacity to install other languages (others than Spanish & English). Console supports messages in Spanish, English, German and French. German & French are the added in this version. To configure the system in other language that Spanish or English, you need an updating of your system. If you want to translate the console messages in other language than English, Spanish, French or German, please contact to
  • TOUCH ON EXTERNAL MONITOR (SYSTEM): Now, operative system has capacity to install drivers for touch external monitors. To configure the system with touch external monitors, you need an updating of your system.
  • HELP: Help files (about the help on line of the console) had been changed; now opens the user manual. For the moment, help is only in English & Spanish. If you want to translate the console help files in other language than English, Spanish, French or German, please contact to
  • HOME HOME: All commands finished with HOME, which are executed with a fade time controlled by LIVE.T, can now finish with HOME HOME in a cut time (not fade).
  • EXAM WINDOW ABOUT A GROUP, CUE: Improvement of the buttons for the visualization of channels, fixtures and/or shapes, now these buttons are similar to the buttons in the main window.
  • MAIN MENU: From this version, in MENU LIST, as well as software version (Soft) also you can read the hardware versions (Front, Outs7… each console will show information only about the involved hardware).
  • USER VIEW (CHANNELS): The placement of the channels in the User View windows now, also it’s stored in the show.
  • KEYB FUNCTION: In a master/slave system, the KEYB function doesn’t open the virtual keyboard in the slave consoles/woles.
  • TRACKBALL: Improved immunity of trackball to strong vibrations (such as those produced by the sound systems).
  • WARNINGS AND MESSAGES: Warnings & messages are opened in all monitors.
  • DEFINITION WINDOW FOR BANK KEYS: This window can be closed with the EXIT console key.
  • FIXTURES & DEVICES EDITION: Editing a fixture (Menu Patch Fixtures) or editing a device (Menu Multimedia Device), you could lose the edition if you close the main menu without save the changes (Save Changes). Now, system warnsto you about this.
  • SHUTDOWN PROCESS OF THE CONSOLE: Now, system DOES NOT warn about this (the red window isn’t showing).


Solved Bugs

  • LOADING SHOWS: Timings of cues & groups that are loaded in Submaster in the load show process, don’t work if they have been edited by the user, as it worked with the values of the default timings.
    When you tried load cues of a show, using the command LOAD SELECTED; decimal cues were not loaded.
  • FIXTURES: Console crashed when trying to edit Fixtures with parameters of 256 steps.
  • MACRO: When you were recording a macro, if you pressed the bottom of direct access (BANK keys) of this macro before to end the recording, system is crashed.
  • AUTOGROUPS: AUTOGROUPS were recorded with erroneous numbers that were not the numbers showed in the menu.
  • SWITCHING ON: Sometimes, when you switch on the console, faders appeared locked at zero. Simple movements of any key or fader rectify the error. From this version, console always beeps in the switching on when it answers “Do you like Cold Reset? ” From previous versions, when the sound was deactivated, the console doesn’t beep in this exceptional case.
  • COMMANDS: When the CH 1 CALL command is repeated, i.e., when you press CH1 CALL CH 1 CALL, the last CALL was left unused (active).