New version 3.41 has already launched for all Hydra consoles.


  • OPTIONS: From this version, also it’s possible to access to the options about group, cue or effect loaded in a Master pressing: [OPTIONS] [M23] {Edit the desired options}
  • SHOWS ASCII: When a show ascii is stored, system answers to you if to export default time as in time.
  • IPs: Only are checked the IPs in the next range: 1-126, 128-223.

Solved Bugs

  • LOADING SHOWS: Timings of cues & groups that are loaded in Submaster in the load show process, don’t work if they have been edited by the user, as it worked with the values of the default timings.
  • SCROLLERS: It’s forbidden to do parameters of SCROLLERS with 0 steps (the console crashed patching them).
  • COMMAND: The next command: [CUE ][Nº] [CHANNEL] [Nº] [CALL], it didn’t work correctly if the channel had a reference to a Dimmer library (the command didn’t call to its level).
  • HYDRA PLUS – SEQUENCE ADVANCE: The command of Sequence advance, [PAUSE]?[GO], only for Hydra Plus, didn’t start the Shapes of next Cue.