New version 4.60 has already launched for Hydra II.


  • PRIORITY CONTROL, PRIO FUNCTION This function allows to us controlling of priority order for LTP parameters that are executed from Submasters. The lastest executed Submaster has the highest priority and this puts its LTPs parameters in the scene output.


  • MENU: SPECIAL COMMANDS/DELETE CONSOLE SHOW From this version, DELETE CONSOLE SHOW menu includes an option for deleting all FREE KEYS.
  • HYDRA II SIMULATOR, WOLE, IN DEMO MODE Hydra II simulator, wole, in demo mode (when it’s not connected to a physical console or an eBOX) stops to transmit ArtNet and/or ACNs after 20 minutes.  From this version, an indication appears in the command line, advising about the demo time.
  • ABOUT SOURCE VISUALITATION (COLOR CODE) Until this version, Shape running on channels, always showed the same source as its channel. Since this version you visualize the actual source of the Shape and the channel, which sometimes is not the same.


Solved Bugs

  • FREE KEYS The optional time that can be programmed in a Free Key (for group, cue or library) was influenced by the value of the control Submaster of Live-T. Now the optional programmed time of a Free Key is always applied in the correct way. This bug is solved.
    Sometimes, when you started the programming of one of these keys, in the item-number selection window, the “back” key was visible also when it hadn’t function. This bug is solved.
  • SHAPES If you had an active Shape in the editor, if after to editor RST you accessed to the empty Shape Editor and were moving the control wheels (of size & rate), console crashed. This bug is solved.
    Sometimes, when you applied a new complex Shape, the process was done in bad way, applying primitives to parameters that are not in the current selection. This bug is solved.
    When, after command [CALL][CALL], you tried add a Shape and console crashed. This bug is solved.
    When we had a cue with Shapes, as base-cue of an effect, and this effect in a Submaster; when trying to edit this cue, the console crashed. This bug is solved.
  • “MDFY SUB” SCREEN When Submasters were playing QLists, sometimes, you couldn’t edit in this screen. This bug is solved.
  • FAULT MESSAGE When a fault message was in the screen, and the level wheel was moved, the system crashed. This bug is solved.
    Editing on any data table, if a fault is done, and you followed editing with erroneous numbers, the system crashed. This bug is solved.
  • CHANNELS WINDOW Sometimes, if you turned off console with the channels window not visible, in AllCh mode, then, when you turn on the console again, and you select this channels window as active, the channels didn’t use all the window space. This bug is solved.