New version 4.72 has already launched for Hydra II.


  • CLONING FUNCTION – FIXTURES PATCH: The submenu CLONING has special functions that allows to you:
    • Replace fixtures: It allows to you change a patched fixture (or several) by other of a new type. In this proccess, System tries to clone the stored values in cues & groups from the original fixture to use them with the new fixture. Usually, values of Pan, Tilt, Focus, CYM, etc are always cloned (continuous parameters).
    • Insert fixtures: It allows to you inserting new fixtures to the pacth. System clones them with the values of the fixture on which you add. This option is very used when sometime you can be more fixtures that in the original show (always speaking about the same type fixtures).
    • Move fixtures: It allows to you moving a fixture from a number to other, as a rename function, but cloning the stored values from the original fixtures to the new ones (all values).
  • DELETE PATCH FUNCTION ( FIXTURES PATCH): DELETE PATCH function has been added. This function allows to you deleting the wole fixtures Patch. It requests confirmation.
  • SUPPORT FUNCTIONS FOR RECORDING OF GROUPS/CUES New functions have been implemented that allow us to more directly and simply functions as recordiing of scene for cues & groups, and the selection of parameters of position, color, gobo, etc. to include them or exclude them in cues & groups.
  • SHAPES FOR FREE KEYS: From this version, user can edit any Free Keys with a Shape. Although you haven’t Shapes for Bank Keys, you have Shapes for Free Keys. They are programmed as any other item, and always are applied in mode 0:NEW , over the current selection on the editor.
  • MAIN MONITOR: From this version there is a new option inside MENU . MONITOR; this option allows to you changing of monitor for the main monitor. Obviously, this option only appears when the console/wole has 2 external monitors connected.


  • IMPROVEMENTS IN SEVERAL SCREENS: Some functions, on several screens, have a console panel key associated, with the objective of improvement the edition agility. When a function has an associated key, this key is represented as a small icon inside the function button.
  • AGING BANKS OF KEYS: From this version the paging process bypasses empty Banks. In example: If you have groups from 1 to 50 & from 500 to 550, el paging process only scrolls by Banks 1, 2, 17, 18 & 19 (of the 67 banks that the groups have). Then, the edition and search process is quicker.
  • COLOR PALETTES: LEE-LED A new color palette has been added: LEE LED, with the most of the LEE filters modified for fixtures of RGB LED of ETC.
  • INCREASSING IN NUMBER OF LIBRARIES All libraries, whatever their category, change a maximum of 99 to a maximum of 200.
  • SYSTEM RESTART When a system failure, an error is displayed, from this version, when you admit the error, system tries automatically to restart. The first option is to try to start in normal mode, if still fails, try again, this time, with a reset.


Solved Bugs

  • ERRORS FROM COMMAND LINE & ENCODERS If an error occurred from the command line, and we activate an encoder or level wheel, this command was introduced into the command line, and under specific circumstances could cause an error in the system. Now editions encoders are not entered in the command line if a window of error is present. This bug is solved.
  • CHAINED MESSAGES When attempting to load an item that does not exist in a loaded Submaster, the first error message was not seen, and only was appearing the confirm message for load on the Submaster. By confirming, the console was loading a new group, since the item indicated in the command does not exist. This bug is solved.
  • CHANNELS TEST If after testing of a channels range, you tested a channel, system tested 2 channels, the selected and the next. This bug is solved.
  • EXAM FOR CUES & GROUPS In exam pages, the little “s” (for Shape) doesn’t appear in its parameters if these parameters were not recorded in the group/cue. This bug is solved.
  • CHANNELS VISUALITATION (MONITORS) When the mode of the Channels window is changed (alls, used…), sometimes, the information about is not updated immediately. This bug is solved.
  • SYSTEM START If, in a mistake, we started the system without external monitors, then, after connected them, and system could not start in normal mode. This bug is solved.
  • MIB When you turn on the system with the sequence already loaded and run a sequence GO, MIB commands were omitted (this problem was solved reloaded any cue), also it happen after BACK command and when the MIB time is smaller than input time minus output time. This bug is solved.
  • MDFY-MDFY & SHAPES Modifying the cue in A with command MDFY MDFY, if this Cue has a Shape, the Shape was resynchronize at the moment of the modification (sometime you can see a small change in scene). This bug is solved.
  • MASTER/SLAVE SYSTEM & TABLES EDITION Sometimes Slave system is “lost” when editing tables, selecting cells with options list with a mouse and edit them using the keypad of the console. This bug is solved.
  • EXAM SCREENS Overall performance of these screens is improvement. At exceptional cases, as master/slave system with many data could get to crash the system. This bug is solved.
  • LOADING A SHOW When a show was loading, if in the console, the A/B faders were in their upper ended, the sequence was loading with the next cue to the cue that stored in the show. This bug is solved.
  • MDFY “here” {Modifications} [MDFY] [Sn] command didn’t work properly for modified dimmers when this Submasters was out of its 100% or its 0%. This bug is solved.
  • ERROR ON SEQUENCES WHIT THE CUE 0: An important bug has been fixed. This causes a system crash when Cue 0 was played in the sequence. This bug is solved.
  • SIMULATOR: If you install the HydraII simulator for first time, this app cannot store data when is closed. You need store the show and load it each time. Será necesario grabar el show y volver a cargarlo cada vez. This bug is solved.