Design your shows directly from your PC, in the most easy way with Hydra II simulator  and the new Master Wing.

Comfort and ease of use

A safe system, easy and 100% compatible with the Hydra II  family consoles. It provides a quick access to the editor functions, including simultaneous use of 4 wheel encoders.

Programming and control

In playback, it provides control of the A/B sequence and all system submasters. Master Wing  has 12 (6 with faders and 6 automatics) submasters from which you can access to the 24/48 that are configured in the system.


The connection to the PC is done by USB, and it allows us to take full advantage of the Hydra II WOLE  simulator.

  • 2 DMX-OUT ports, that allow you to use DMX Output from the simulator
  • 2 USB Host ports.
  • 1 USB Device port.
  • 1 working light port 12V.