New version 4.80 has already launched for Hydra II.


  • MASTER WING: From this software version, the Hydra II simulator (WOLE) supports the connection of a Master Wing as control peripheral for this app.

  • OSC: Open Sound Control (OSC) is a protocol for communication among computers, sound synthesizers, and other multimedia devices that is optimized for modern networking technology. OSC’s advantages include interoperability, accuracy, flexibility, and enhanced organizations and documentation. This simple yet powerful protocol is remaining flexible and easy to implement. OSC has achieved wide use in fields including computer-based new interfaces for musical expression, wide-area and local-area networked distributed music systems and inter-process communication.
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  • STYLE: Criteria have been unified for items of the same type.

  • BEHAVIOR OF SUBMASTERS: Due to the Master Wing Support, and its backing system to access to the control of the system Submasters, from now, the Submasters be locked whenever its output level does not match the potentiometer level. The Submasters are unlocked reaching the output level with the potentiometer (graphically, when the bars grey & yellow or blue are equal), at which time we can already control.

  • MIDI Y TECLAS DE LA VENTANA “SIM”: Function keys of the SIM window (they are simulated) also send their associated MIDI note /controller, exactly as if physical key on the front panel is pressed.

  • MTC – EVENT LIST: From this version you can select the MIDI port that wish to receive the MTC. When you are working with this external clock, a list will appear from which you can select the desired between MIDI ports detected in the system MIDI.


Solved Bugs

  • FUNCTION WHEEL: Sometimes, editing the fixture parameters using the arrow keys (WHELL function activated), if an error happened and was ignored, and the edition process follows, the system crashed.

  • SECURITY MENU: OK function key that was used to confirm the entered password, sometimes, it didn’t work correctly.