New version 5.00 has already launched for Hydra II.


  • SHOWING THE ENCODERS IN THE FIXTURES WINDOW: this new switcher appears in the header of the Fixtures Window. It allows us to show/hide all information about the parameters encoders. Next to these 4 encoders, as additional help, we also can find a group of functions keys directly associated with the editing of fixtures in these encoders.
    These tools are very used for editing fixtures, and can be hidden / viewed at any moment. Remember: it’s possible to edit the current value of the encoders using the mouse scroll, simply locating the mouse pointer over the encoder to “move”.
  • FIXTURES SELECTION FROM THE SCENE TABLE: Each fixtures table that is showed in the Fixtures Window, , it has 3 new associated functions. These functions are a power selection tool.
  • NEW MODES FOR THE KEYS WINDOW: At first, this window has changed its name, from Free Keys to Keys From this version, in the Keys window, , you can configure its keys with the same modes that are used in the keys banks of the touch panel, it allows to you the visualization of any console item in the external monitors (colors, groups, macros…) without the necessity of a previous preparation by the user.


  • TOUCH PANEL SUPPORT – WOLE: About Hydra II simulators on PC, from this version, it’s possible to use a display as the touch panel of the console. When this display is connected to your computer, it’s possible to set the system for the information on touch panel appears in this display. In the market, there are small USB displays with touch capacity that can be connected to the computer, and this improvement has been development for this type of displays.
  • INTEGRATION OF EXTERNAL PROCESS INTO THE PROGRAM CORE: From this version, main program has been compacted in order to improve system performance. So external applications such as mesa.ex and wing.ex are no longer necessary and are integrated into motor.exe
  • ETHERNET SESSION: New button has been included with the objective to delete the current session with a click: Delete Session.
  • EXAM TABLES & LISTS VISUALITATION: This version allows to you minimizing the columns of a table, with the objective of hiding any column to improve the rest of the data visualization.
  • SOME CHANGES FOR NAME BUTTONS: Some [OK] buttons have changed their names by [APPLY] or other names that are clearer. Example: menu CONSOLE CONFIGURATION.
  • ORANGE FRAME: From now, when a window is active, waiting for us, it will appear with an orange frame. It makes use clearer of the graphic interface.
  • LEVEL WHEEL: The behavior of level wheel has been improved for the precision movements, slow motion.
  • IMPROVEMENTS IN EDITON VIEW MODE OF CHANNELS AND FREE KEYS: In Channels and Free Keys Views, and , improvements has been done in modes of view edition (Edit View). In both cases, a switch appears, , this switch must be activated only when you want move some item. When you are editing the view, moving channels or free keys.
  • SIMPLIFICATION OF SIM WINDOW: This window is rearranged to eliminate simulation of the console’s touch panel, leaving only the access to the function keys. The functionality of the touch panel is absorbed and distributed by other information windows. This ensures a more efficient use of external monitor space.
    Touch panel will be simulated in an external monitor each time that this will be necessary, i.e from a
    simulator (wole) each time that the menus list is opened.
  • QL WINDOW: If RATE function is active (LED at on) an icon of this encoder 4 appears next to the Rate label, in the header of A/B Sequence.
  • SHOWS LOADING: Shows loading process has been improvement.
  • SHAPES IN THE A/B SEQUENCE: A small details for the Shapes crossfade has been improvement.
  • UPDATING PROCESS: This version includes the possibility to upgrade to later versions, above 5.00, directly copying the “rar” update to a USB, without the need to unzip first. The traditional update is also maintained from the HYDRAII.XXX folder. The complete instructions will appear in the user manual and in the update attachments in future versions.


Solved Bugs

    Sometimes, when a console is connected to a net where there is a Hydra session, if in this console you activates & deactivates the Ethernet port, console can adopt the configuration parameters of the session. This fault is solved.
    In rare case, when a show was loaded in session, slave console could end with different cues in A/B that the master console. This fault is solved.
    In rare cases, when playing a cue with parts, the console crashed. This fault is solved.
    About the commands type: CUE Nº MODIFY, FIXTURE 1 PART 1, REC. Then Cue Nº was still appearing with the old timing. This fault is solved.
    When a Cue with parts was examined, and if this cue has shapes, the shapes were ignored for the exam. This fault is solved.
    If we were running an effect of groups, and these groups had Shapes, and if there wasn’t more Shapes on stage, pressing SHAPE, the console crashed. This fault is solved.
    If a Shape that is in a playback is called to the Shapes Editor with the command [SHAPE][CALL TO EDITOR], and just then, you try to adjust the size moving the wheel 1, system crash. This fault is solved.
    If working in the Shapes Editor a cell is active, with its selection list opens … (cells as Palette, Type, etc) and, if in this moment the Shape is deleted pressing Delete system crashes. This fault is solved.
    If working in the Shape Editor, you press SHAPE ADD to add a new Shape to the selection; the 2 editors are open, the temporal editor in red window and the complete Shape Editor. Both editors were not completely synchronized and a fault can happen. Now, when the complete editor is open, no temporal red editor will be opened. This fault is solved.
    In case of to have the main monitor in monitor 2 (second monitor), when you are working on a table page (Patch, cues list, etc) the information about monitor 1 is not updated. This fault is solved.
    When a table was selecting (Channel Patch, About Channel or Dimmers Patch) using the specific buttons in touch panel, symbol of “selected table” was not updated in correct mode. This fault is solved.
    Loading a show in Master / Slave Session, if the slave system is formed for Wole with a connected Wing, and the show had a MIDI configuration that could not be implemented on the slave system; slave crash at the end of show load. This fault is solved.
    If only one fixture is selected using mouse, and this only had one parameter, system crash. This fault is solved.
    Cloning/Move Function: Sometimes, moving fixtures to the first position that had no dmx address, the system crashed. This fault is solved.
    Cloning/Insert Function: Sometimes, inserting fixtures in Patch; the system losses communication with the frontal panel. This fault is solved.
    In the EDIT process, the STEP button that is in the touch didn’t work fine. This fault is solved.
    Inside OSC menu, the tabs about OSC Output part, didn’t work correctly when they were selected from the touch panel. This fault is solved.
    If loading a show with LOAD SELECTED command, a concrete effect is loaded, but with a different type (channels, groups, cues) to this same previous effect and this effect is previously loaded any Submaster and, this Submaster remains with the previous content, the system crashes. This fault is solved.
  • eBOX
    From ETHERNET CONNECTION menu, editing any data of an eBOX on net (i.e., if the protocols list was opened) and, in this moment the eBOX was disconnected, and you press Restore Session key, the system crashes. This fault is solved.
    Inside Cue list, pressing the searching command [CUE] [CUE], which locates the cues in A/B, the list cursor was lost, and it was necessary to click on list to can edit any cue. This fault is solved.