New version 5.10 has already launched for Hydra II.


  • NEW VERSION FOR THE FRONTAL PANEL: More efficient communication
  • TRANSLATE FUNCTION: TRANSLATE button allows to us accessing to a special tool for translate text messages and/or commands of the console/simulator.

    Messages and command that are translated can be sent them to the LT development team (, with the aim to be included in the future software versions and shared with other console user if considered.
    Console will stop with its normal function when the translator tool is active. In this way, please, don’t use this tool in compromised situations.

    For further information, please download the Update notes v5.10 pdf.


  • ICONS CAN BE DELETED IN FIXTURES DEFINITIONS: DEL function has been available to delete icons of colours/gobos edited in the EDIT section of the PATCH OF FIXTURES.
  • SYSTEM CALLS: System calls (to adjust sound, Ethernet, etc) have been improvement
  • MAIN MONITOR: From this versión in the main monitor, in addition to the exam and edit screens, the menus are now also shown.


Solved Bugs

  • CALL FUNCTION: Sometimes, data about the loaded scene were unstable.
  • EXAM FUNCTION: Examining a cue or a group, if you clicked on the channels window with the mouse, the system crashed.
  • LEVEL SUBMASTER: A Submaster programmed as LEVEL for A/B didn’t control the Sequence A/B output.
  • CONTROL PARAMETER & ASSOCIATED COMMANDS: In some circumstances, the commands of control as Lamp ON, Lamp OFF & Fixture
    RST blocked the system. Also the access to these commands from parameter 0: Control. That is, special parameters, represented in yellow, could block the system when executed.