New version 5.11 has already launched for Hydra II.


  • DIMMER DIAGNOSTIC: New tool for diagnostic and configuration of dimmer system. This tool is laced in MENU/ TEST/ DIMMER DIAGNOSTIC, and it allows the Ethernet communication with the dimmer systems:
    • Zenit System
    • 3D Concept System


  • MONITORS CONFIGURATION IN START UP: A new routine in the proccess of start up on console, ensures the recognition of the connected monitors. Avoiding the need to configure the monitors by the user.
  • CONSOLE CONFIGURATION MENU: A new option appears inside CONSOLE CONFIGURATION menu which indicates to us the current mode of the console or wole.

    Remember, any change that is done in this menu needs a system reset. Don’t forget store your show before change any configuration parameter.

  • BEEP FOR SIMULATORS (WOLE): Beep is enabled in the simulators (woles).


Solved Bugs

  • PATCH FIXTURES: When trying to patch more than 512 fixtures from a dmx address such that all dmx lines available in the console were occupied, when closing the Patch the console was crashed.
    If editing a Cache fixture, you try loading of a new fixture over this, before to save the edited changes, the systems was crashed.
  • MASTER WING: Starting the Wole in normal mode, the Master Wing didn’t synchronize the LEDs status for the Submasters; it’s was be necessary press [+] to obligate it.