New version 5.40 has already launched for Hydra II.


  • FIXTURES – TOPO & COLOR – MIXER FIXTURES: Hydra II has a new tool, a Select Color, from this it’s possible to assign a color to mixer fixtures that are selected. It’s possible to select this color from the Basic colors, the Custom colors, in numerical mode (RGB, HSV or HTML), or directly clicking on the continuous space of color.
  • rBOX – NEW REMOTE CONTROL ETHERNET RECEIVER: rBOX is a new receiver for the Remote Control. This receiver is connected on Ethernet, in the net installation (switcher, etc.) or in local mode, to the Ethernet port of the console. Remote Control can be connected via cable or radio to rBOX.
    • Lapse: New field that allows to you patching with a space between Dmx addresses. In our example, you can see a patch for 5 x MC600 with 14 channels each, but with their addresses spaced in blocks of 20, and nor consecutively.
  • FIXTURES DEFINITION– DIMMER 16 BITS: From now, you can define and use dimmers of 16 bits in the fixtures. They are defined using 2 channels, as Dm & +Fn in the same line, exactly as any other parameter. This characteristic it’s very used for LED fixtures.
  • FIXTURES DEFINITION – NEW COLOR PARAMETERS: There are new color parameters that allow to you: To define fixtures of color mixer with more than 3 base color. In this way, therefore of the basic colors as RGB & CMY, now also it’s possible to define other system with colors as White, Indigo. Orange, Purple, UV, Lime…
  • FIXTURES DEFINITION – PARAMETERS & WHEELS / BLOCK: Hydra II systems, working with fixtures, show the fixtures parameters ordered in groups of 4, because the consoles & wings have 4 encoders to control parameters. These parameters are ordered automatically, following the next rules.
  • FIXTURES LIBRARY: There is a new version for the fixtures library (FixturesSysII.rar), in which all the previous features are contemplated, and that you can use from a updated console/wole with software version 5.4.


  • CONSOLES TRICK: If you want to simulate the touch panel in an external monitor, and forget from this moment the physical touch panel, now, you can do it. It’s very useful when the touch panel has problem of functionality or functioning.


Solved Bugs

  • FIXTURES THAT ONLY HAVE TILT: Fixtures that only had Tilt (no Pan defined) they didn’t work appropietely.
  • FIXTURES PATCH: If we remove from the Patch all the fixtures of a type, and replace this same type of cache with a new one (in the same cache position), and repeat the patch but with the new type, the tables of scene fixtures do not have regenerated.
  • FLIP: If you have a fixtures selection, with a applied position, and you execute [FLIP] over it, potion isn’t marked as modified, and this position cannot be updated.
  • MIB: If when we pressed the MIB button, a MIB cell was active in any CUE, the console crashed.
  • EXCEPT COMMAND: EXCEPT command generates a serie of unconfortable faults int he selection of channels/fixtures from the external screens with the mouse.
  • EFFECTS (MASTER/SLAVE): Working on session, if an effect is been played is modified, the slave doesn’t update the modified data of this effect.
  • SHOWS WITH MORE THAN 256 FIXTURES: Working with more than 256 fixtures some function has faulting (CALL, TET…).