New version 5.41 has already launched for Hydra II.


  • USER SETUP – NEW OPTIONS: New options to configuration inside USER SETUP menu,
  • MINIMIZE RED WINDOWS IN WOLES: In the red windows that appear when we press keys like [SHAPE], [SUB], [PARAM] etc. or that appears when we record a group, cue, etc … now we have a new button that allows us to minimize them.
    Once minimized, this button remains visible in the lower right corner of the monitor, and we can restore the window by clicking on it.
    This button is very useful when we are going to load in a Submaster and we have a red window of options of the item to load “hiding” part of the Submasters … Now we can minimize it and load on any of the Submasters that were hidden.


  • CACHE SUPPORT – FIXTURES PATCH: The order & status of the tree of the files of the fixtures library in Cache Support is saved, and the fixtures selection (yellow cursor) is also saved during the displacements inside menu Fixtures Patch (Patch, Edit…).
  • EDIT – FIXTURES PATCH: From this version, the parameter of Control will always be identified, that is, even when editing a new fixtures, where there is no defined parameter yet, this special parameter will be marked, thus avoiding confusion.
  • CHANNEL PATCH: A search option has been added in the screen of the external monitor of the Channel Patch. For previous versions, these searching commands (for channel/dimmer) only was included in the screen of touch panel in the Channel Patch.
  • DEACTIVATING AN EFFECT WITH “LTPS”: If you effect has LTP in its steps, if you want to deactivate this effect avoiding that the LTP parameters follow in scene (tracking mode) you can store a cue as cue base, including in it the values for the LTP parameters that you want to leave when the effect will be deactivated. In previous versions, this cue base was not taken into account for the deactivation process, from this version, yes.
  • CONSOLE CONFIGURATION MENU: Changes inside this menu no longer necessarily imply a loss of data. So when we change the number of channels required (or another parameter of this menu), the system will perform a Reset to make the adjustment, but immediately afterwards, it will recover the show data adapted to the new number of channels / parameters, avoiding that the user needs save the show first and then load it.


Solved Bugs

  • AUTOGROUPS: If AUTOGROUPS were made for fixtures, and in the pacth there ware gaps between fixtures, console was crashed.
  • FAN OUT: If the console was turnned off with the FAN OUT function at ON, when it was turned on again, FAN OUT function was marked as enabled (LED at ON) but in fact, it did not work like this, it was really disabled.
  • MODIFY S#: If modifying a Submaster with the command [MDFY] [Sn], there was some library involved, and the system asked if you wanted to update it, in this cases, the selection key of the Submaster, [Sn] remained as “pressed”, and moving the level wheel controlled the movement of the Submaster.
  • CACHE SUPPORT – FIXTURES PATCH: If you had a selected fixture and you closed its manufacturer in the tree (you hid the cursor), and the search command no longer worked correctly. Console crashed.
  • STATUS ZERO: STATUS ZERO command, inside STATUS & PLAYBACKS ZERO menu, doesn’t clean some functions status, as [MON] & [WHEEL].
  • SHAPES EDITOR If, inside the shapes editor, with a Shape in scene, the command [SHAPE] EMPTY_EDITOR is executed, the Shape disapears from scene, but not of the shapes editor that doesn’t refresh its information; and if in this case we try to delete it by pressing DELETE of the shape editor, console crashed.