From v5.42 Hydra II and new Piccolo II will share the same software system.


  • LOG FILE: Log file goes stored information about the console process and, from this version it’s possible to export this file to a USB (with the objective to send/consult this file that is a historic of the console) pressing the PRINT LOG-FILE button of the menu: SHOW PRINTER.


  • ASCII SHOWS: Exchange of ASCII shows between Windows & Linux is contemplated
  • WARNING WINDOWS: Some warning windows, in example the warning after load an ASCII show, only accepted a click with the external mouse, now they also accept the OK key.
  • COLORS SELECTOR – PICKER (PICCOLO II): Only for Piccolo II consoles, that have Linux inside, the window of the color Picker shows a button to minimize itself. When this Picker window was minimized it cannot return to see this window of an easy way. Now, a new click in the Picker selector maximizes if it’s minimized or opens if it’s closed.
  • USB – PENDRIVE: Only for Piccolo II consoles, those have Linux inside, the oldest USB that are formatted in window didn’t work. Now these USBs work.


Solved Bugs

  • [CLEAR SEL] KEY Pressing CLEAR SEL under certain circumstances, but always in the FXT window and in view mode of Params, the system crashed. Now, this function is not in this screen mode.
  • PRINTOUT FILES FROM PICCOLO II: These printout files don’t show correctly the return line in a Windows computer.
  • REMOTE CONTROL: Taking control of the console from a remote control, if the console was in MANUAL mode, this mode was not disabled.
  • SHOWS: When trying to load a show that is not correct (incorrect file, version, etc) and only if it was selected the option: “Match Show Channels”, the system crashed.
  • VIRTUAL DIMMER: For previous versions, the value of the virtual dimmer was displayed badly; it seemed that it was not updated.