New version 5.50 has already launched for Hydra II and Piccolo II.


  • FIXTURES – ORDER: ORDER is a new feature that helps us to control in a simple and effective way new fixtures in which we find parameters of the same type but independent, fixtures that have several common subsystems, that is, several controls for mixing colors, several movement controls, or even several dimmers in a single fixture. Thus each subsystem will be identified by an ORDER, which is configured in the definition of the fixture itself, in the Patch.

    For more information, please download the update notes pdf according to this version.


  • SHAPES EDITOR: Some function keys, inside Shapes Editor, are been relocated. Some function keys have also changed their names by other names shorter, but these functions maintain their functionalities.
  • UPDATES EXTRAS – exFAT (Piccolo II): A new button has been created, in MENU / SPECIAL COMMANDS / TOOLS, SOFTWARE UPDATES…, which is named UPDATE EXTRAS (INTERNET), and which allows to you, through a connection of the console to the internet, updating of elements of the operative system. These extra updates are controlled by the software of the console.
  • WORK LIGHTS OF LEDS: A new regulation curve is provided to adapt to the worklights of LEDs.
  • PALETTES – FIXTURE DEFINITION: From this version you can associate a same palette in as many parameters as necessary. In example, if you have a fixture with 3 dimmers parameters, each one of them can have its dimmer palette associated (the same happen with several colors wheels, gobos wheels, etc…). Only there is a limitation, inside a same parameter you can’t have a duplicated palette.
  • FIXTURES CACHE: In the list of the Cache we are replace the old GOLDS fixture (Golden Scan) for a new one, a RGB fixture.
  • OSC: Communication ports have been expanded. Input & Output ports were limited from 1024 to 49151; now it’s possible to configure these ports from 1024 to 65535 improving compatibility, i.e. with QLab APIs.


Solved Bugs

  • RED WINDOW OF IDs: In the red window of the list of IDs to is used in the application of a SHAPE FREE, you could see 2:Y(POS), instead of 2:Z(POS).
  • MANUAL FIELD: With the MANUAL field activated, if a fixture was selected, only selected, and right after a manual fader was moved, the dimmer of the fixture was also edited, i.e., moving the fader you were moved both the channel corresponding and the dimmer of the selected fixture.
  • LIVE-T: This function allowed times greater than maximum time in console, 999.9 seconds.
  • PAN-TILT PARAMETERS: If Pan/Tilt parameters (X/Y) of a fixture were not indexed in the positions second and third, as consequence of a blocks edition, these parameters were not controlled as Pan/Tilt, working erroneously with the trackball, with position palettes, with Position Shapes, etc.
  • FIXTURES PATCH: Patching fixtures without dimmer, the next DMX address was bad calculate, and an empty channel was left between fixtures.
  • CONSOLE CONFIGURATION: If you had the console configured for 0 channels, and you were using many fixtures, some editor
    functions didn’t work correctly, and the console could crash.
  • CUES & GROUPS – EXAM PAGES: Cues & Groups didn’t show well the contents of their libraries of color or dimmer, in their exam pages and with Colors mode selected for the fixtures window.
  • MIB (Move in Black): MIB function is modified for not consider the Dimmer parameters (ID 20) when there is more than one dimmer in the fixture, because in this cases, MIB function caused that some dimmers appeared in scene.