New version 5.53 has already launched for Hydra II and Piccolo II.


  • USER CURVES: The system has 3 user-definable curves, and from this version, these curves can have an option to force start at zero, that is, so that when the first section of the curve does not start at 0, at least let’s ensure that its value from point 0 will be 0.
    This option helps us to edit curves for LEDs, neons, etc that are unstable in the lowest levels of regulation, giving as a first value a non-zero value, but allowing us that just in the starting point the output is 0%.
  • Sub WINDOW (SUBMASTERS): A The Sub window has been remodeled and is now much faster and more effective. As a result of this improvement, the total system efficiency has improved.
  • HS+DIMMER OR HSV FIXTURES: From this version, system contemplates the color system HS+Dimmer in addition to the existing one HSV. That is, you can define the fixture with parameters as Hue, Saturation & Value, or with parameters as Hue, Saturation & Dimmer, depending on how you can to use it.
  • WHITE PARAMETER: For system with color mixing, from this version, 39:WHITE parameter is also calculate and edited in the application of palette color.

Solved Bugs

  • AUTOGROUPS: System crashed when autogroups were created.
  • BASE SCREEN – MOVING WINDOWS: You couldn`t move windows dragging with the mouse.
  • GROUPS WITH FIXTURES: If you had groups with fixtures selections the system could crash in the startup (Important: For versions 5.50 & 5.51 you cannot do Autogrups (menu 07), the console crashes).
  • CONDITIONAL PARAMEMETERS – LIBRARIES: System crashed when libraries were used with conditional parameters.
  • CONSOLE STARTING ON SESSION: The initialization process of a console working in session as a master was not quite correct; specifically the status of the effects loaded in the Submasters was not recovered/load correctly.