New version 5.62 has already launched for Hydra II and Piccolo II.


  • VIRTUAL DIMMER (DmVirtual): A virtual dimmer (that it will behavior as real dimmer) is implemented for fixtures without real dimmer and with the next color systems:
    • RGB & RGB+
    • CMY & BMA
    • HSI, HSV & HS+Dim* (*that is a not complete system, and we recommended redefine its Dimmer as Value)
    • WHITE (one or several Whites alone, that they haven’t other color system)

    When a fixture with one of these color system has not real dimmer, the system creates a Virtual Dimmer automatically, allowing to the user to use this fixture as a complete fixture, one with dimmer and color system.

  • COLOR SYSTEMS – PATCH: In the patch, each fixture shows us its color system has, the color system that uses for palettes, libraries, Shapes, and for its visualization in the window the Fxt/Colors.
    This Patch cell is named ColorSys, and has the color system that the system recognizes for each fixture. In example, if a fixture has RGBW and HSV, the user can choose the system want to use, clicking in this cell a list appears with all available detected systems. If the fixture only has one color system, this cell will be only information.
    Remember, also a fixture can haven’t a color system; in this case, this cell is empty.
  • RESET [RST] & RELEASE [REL]: RESET & RELEASE commands that clean items of the editor, when are done with only one click they use the editor time (as defined in setup), for the fading of the HTP parameters from the editor to their values in scene… Now, also the LTP parameters will do a fading with this time, avoiding jumps for all the parameters.


  • MAXIMUMS: Now you can have more fixtures!!! Always inside of the number of parameters available in the system (this number can’t be overflow). The system has a new maximum numbers:
    • Piccolo II Systems: 684 fixtures (maximum)
    • Hydra II Systems: 2736 fixtures (maximum)
  • FIXTURES – 256 PARAMETERS – 64 ORDERS: This version supports more parameters for fixture, before now 64, now 256. Remember, the parameters can be of 16 bits, and in these case, a fixture of 256 parameters of 16 bits can have 512 DMX addresses (old version only had 98 DMX addresses).
    In the edition of the DMX addresses, you entering a 99 to indicate that this parameter had an external dimmer, now, an external dimmer is edited entering a 999.
    Also, the quantity of ORDERS has be increased, from 29 to 65, giving support to fixtures of LEDs matrix of 8×8 that use 64 orders (one per pixel) to use all its LEDs in independent way.
  • FIXTURES WITH MORE THAN ONE DIMMER: Now, all dimmers in any order, real dimmers & virtual dimmers, are controlled by the GM. When a fixture has more than one dimmer, in several orders or in the base, all dimmers have a HTP behavior.
    Now, when you select a group/cue from its Free Keys, double-clicking, all dimmers will do a fading at its 100%.
  • FIXTURES WITH CONDITIONAL PARAMETERS: The number of tables to define a parameter with conditional data has increased from 2 to 4. In other words, the value of a parameter can depend of a combination of a maximum of other 4 parameters of the same fixture. In this way, the system supports a better definition of parameters in fixtures as the Sky Panel (ARRI) for example.
  • FIXTURES LIBRARY (FixturesSysII.rar): Only the fixtures that need some of these new characteristics will be recorded in a new version, and this new fixtures only can be used by the updated consoles/woles, but the rest of the fixtures that don’t use these capacities (more orders, more parameters, more conditional tables, etc) will be recorded in the current version, and they can be used also in not update systems. In this way the fixtures library is more compatible with the previous software.


Solved Bugs

  • EXTERNAL DIMMER: External dimmers do not appear in the printed data from the MENU: SHOW PRINTER. If a channel is patched overwriting the dmx address of an external dimmer, the dmx addresses of the complete fixture are lost. These bugs are fixed.
  • EFFECTS: Since version 5.51 the LTP parameters do not work well in the effects. This bug is fixed.
    In the cyclical mode (CYCLIC) of the effects, the first and last step was repeated 2 times. This bug is fixed.
    When we execute the effect a specific number of times, and depending on values such as the fade time and rate, before switching off automatically, some steps were repeated in an extra lap. This bug is fixed.
    The speed control of an effect in Rate mode, only affected to the step time, since this version will also affect to the fade time of the effect. For a master/slave system, in the slave console doesn’t load the effect from its OPTION window. This bug is fixed.
  • FIXTURES WITH NO STEPS IN ITS CONTROL PARAMETER: Some fixtures with control parameter but without steps defined (i.e. CBLED11) make the system to crash when loading a show. This bug is fixed.
    Also, in fixtures with orders, and that do not have any parameter in order 0 (i.e. LED screens) they did not allow us to select the fixture doing a mouse click over its number in the Fxt/Params view. This bug is fixed.
  • FIXTURES WITH MORE THAN ONE DIMMER: Dimmers included in orders (except dimmers in order 1) were not affected by the GM. Dimmers in orders work as LTP parameters. Both bugs are fixed.
  • RECORDING OPTIONS FOR CUES AND GROUPS: If at the time of recording a group or cue, from its OPTIONS window we release, for example, the color, or the position edited to not include them in the cue or group, the color, or position do not remain in the editor, these parameters changed in scene and they, in theory, should not move. This bug is fixed.*These LTP parameters that are released only should move if they are controlled from other playback (when they are released from the editor, the playback that was controlling them, will recover the control).
  • AUTOMATIC LOADING OF GROUPS INTO SUBMASTERS: When we have activated the option: Only [OK] Confirm, and we tried to load in a loaded Submaster by mistake, if we kept pressing selection keys or we pressed several selection keys at the same time, we ended up loading the editor contents as a new group. This bug is fixed.
  • PATCH DE FIXTURES / TEST OPTIONS: Inside the Fixtures Patch, the Dimmer Test in scene did not work correctly for fixtures with multiples dimmers, and you only could test the first of them. This bug is fixed.
  • CITP / CAPTURE: Sometimes, and especially when we selected fixtures from Colros view using the mouse, the selection on CITP of console to Capture ® was lost. This bug is fixed.
    Sometimes, when a Capture ® is connected, the console did not switching off correctly. This bug is fixed.
  • SMPTE: If console was switching off with active SMPTE, then when the console was switching on again, SMPTE was not receive correctly. It was necessary to deactivate/activate the SMPTE to start the reception of SMPTE. This bug is fixed.
  • FLASH AND LTP PARAMETERS: When deactivating a Flash (released), the LTP maintained its value in the scene, in case that other playback was controlling them, this playback taken the control again only after the user pressed a key or moved a fader, etc. This bug is fixed.
  • COLOR SHAPES: The shapes of color, when we had several color systems (RGB & CMY) did not work at all synchronized. This bug is fixed.
  • MASTER/ESLAVE: If master and slave lost communication when the A/B sequence is in PAUSE, after, when the communication is restored, master followed is PAUSE mode, but slave restart the current crossfade with a go back, in this moment the sequence was not synchronized. This bug is fixed.
  • FREE KEYS / EDIT VIEW: Data of placed of EditView for FreeKeys interference with data of EditView for Channels, and under certain circumstances, some Keys are showed in bad or erroneous positions. These erroneous keys cannot be moved. This bug is fixed.
  • SHOWS WITH MORE THAN 256 FIXTURES: The horizontal encoders didn’t work correctly for fixtures over up 256. This bug is fixed.