New version 5.70 has already launched for Hydra II and Piccolo II.


  • CONFIGURATION OF BASE WINDOWS: Changes in the Base windows and their Configuration buttons.


  • MONITOR AND WINDOWS LOCATION: The placement of the base windows has been improvement. System has all windows movables and they are divided into 2 types, depending on whether they can be floating or not.
  • ETHERNET CONFIGURATION MENU – MASTER/SLAVE SESSION: To manually synchronize the master and slave consoles, the [Sync Slaves] button has been added in the Ethernet Configuration menu. Synchronization can be lost if both consoles have been taken out of the session, etc. But pressing this button the Maste console will send all system configuration parameters and all show data to the Slave console.
  • TABLES OF THE QL WINDOW: The tables of the 3 sub-windows od QL don’t stretch the last column to the end of the windows space.
  • EXAMINING LIBRARIES OF COLOR, GOBO, BEAM & EXTRA: From this version, when you are examining these library types, the information is showed in the order of the patch and not in the order of the cache.
  • COLOR PICKER: Small details of the behavior of the color picker have been modified to behave similarly in the editor and Shapes edition.


Solved Bugs

  • LIBRARIES. When you update a library loaded in some Submaster, it’s possible that this Submaster doesn’t update this information immediately.
  • WOLE. In the previous version, when starting the Hydra II simulator of this version for the first time and it is configured for 2 monitors, it seems that it only works with 1 monitor, but the reality is that both screens are located in the same monitor area, one above another, you have to minimize one of the screens and move them, from this moment on you will always start well.
  • COMMANDS. When selecting a channel from 40 to 50 to edit a level by keyboard, in example the command: [CH] [4] [1] [@], the command opened the selection screen of color palettes of one of the manufacturers (Lee, Rosco …) contained in the console. There were no blocking problems, but it was annoying and wrong.
  • SHAPES. Playing Shapes of “FromTo” type (from one color to another color) in a Submaster, if the Submaster was not 100% and we used the command [SHAPE] [5: CALL TO EDITOR] the system crashed. Also, solved a bug that blocked the system, and which was reached by applying a Color Shape of FromTo type, opening the color selecting dialog for the FromTo colors, pressing [RST], and closing this selection dialog, the console crashed.
  • MACROS. When we had a macro, with DEL, REC or MDFY keystrokes and the system had these keys disabled from Security, it could happen that when executing this macro several times in a row, the console would crash. This fault is solved, and it has been decided to allow these functions to be possible (DEL, REC and MDFY) to be executed from the macros, even when the system is deactivated.
  • MASTER/SLAVE SESSION. When the session between master and slave is established, the SECURITY options of configuration was not passed to the slave, and this does that both consoles to lose their synchronism, and even in one you could data record and in the other not.
  • ONLY FOR PICCOLO CONSOLES – FILE SYSTEM IN USB DEVICES. To improve the efficiency of the file searching on USB drives of Piccolo consoles (for example, to search for fixtures or shows from the search tool; processes that sometimes with large file libraries, could freeze the current menu, although the console would continue to work), the process of mounting/dismounting USB drives, in Linux, has been improved.
  • SETUP PLAYBACKS MENU – [NO TRACK SubM] OPTION. This option that applied to Groups & Cues loaded in the Submasters only worked correctly when the Group or Cue had timing 1, T1. In the rest of the cases, with any other timing assigned to the group or cue, it always behaved in “no track” mode.
  • POWER-UP MACRO. The console did not start properly when a power-up macro was programmed, and it was necessary to boot the system with a cold reset.
  • SHAPE FROM/TO OF USER. User Shapes of From/To type didn`t apply the from-color and they started from the current color in scene.
  • TEMPORARY POP-UPS. If you pressed MENU while certain dialog pop-ups were open, the system was crashed (in example, the dialog of end of storing of a user shape).