New version 5.80 has already launched for Hydra II and Piccolo II.


  • RDM on ETHERNET: RDM support for scanning fixtures connected to the console, RDM only works on ArtNet. That is, only the fixtures that support RDM and that are connected by ArtNet directly on Ethernet, or with any physical Ethernet/RDM converter will be detected.


  • TES: Basic home palettes have been added,
  • MIB: The most complete MIB, that affects more elements, it’s the one does from the previous cue. For this reason, now, the previous cue is selected in the calculation of the MIB function.
  • SCENE: The resolution about the background picture of the user views has been improved.
  • INDEX OF ITEMS FOR SHAPES AND FANOUT: Before applying a Shape or Fan.Out, the system will consider the order of selection of the items on which we will apply these functions. The items are indexed in a list as they have been selected, not numerically.
  • FAN OUT: More editing possibilities in FanOut, and now applicable to any parameter. The operation is like the previous one, supported by a window, from which we can select different options.
  • [COPY] FUNCTION: Before this version, [COPY] was only used to copy/exchage groups, cues, effects, etc. with commands as [GRP] [1] [COPY] [3] [OK], and to copy values from a fixture or channels in the editor to other one, with commands as [FXT] [1] [COPY] [3] [OK]. From this version, you can copy/exchange the Submasters.
  • EDITING WITH THE ENCODER 4 Globally, in any edition of tables, cells etc. Wheel 4 has been enabled to help this edition. When this encoder is ready to edit, it displays the next text: “Editing”. So, when we are in an editing field, we activate it with [OK] and we can edit it with the encoder. Once edited, accept the data by pressing [OK] again.
  • WOLE OFF: From this version, the wole will only remind us that we must save the show if there have been changes in the show, that is, if the current show does not match the recorded show.


Solved Bugs

  • SELECTING SUPERIMPOSING ITEMS IN SCENE VIEWS: The problem of selecting overlapping items has been solved, where in the first mouse click all overlapping items were selected and it was necessary to make a small rectangle with the mouse to select only one of them. Now only one item is selected, although it is superimposed on others.
  • USER VIEWS: After insert/move fixtures from the CLONNING function of the Fixtures Patch, the User Views don’t correspond with the original fixtures, new fixtures numbers are not updated in the views.