New version 1.14 has already launched for eBox.


eBOX is updated using its USB connection to a PC. For this it will be necessary:

  • PC 486 (minimum) with WIN-XP, VISTA, WIN 7 or WIN 8.
  • An USB cable type AB (male)
  • Software for updating
  • LT USB Driver.

The first time that you connect an eBOX to a computer, you need to install the USB Driver (usbdriver folder). For more information about installation of USB Driver, please, read _ReadmeLtUsbDriverAllSystems.pdf

When the Driver is installed:

With eBOX connected to the PC: On PC execute eBOX.exe, execute the command File/Update eBOX, and follow the instructions.

* eBOX.exe program is located inside the ebox folder, of the installation packet, (### it’s version number)