New version 5.81 has already launched for Hydra II and Piccolo II.


  • eBOX II: New converter boxes with RDM support. This eBOX II works like the previous eBOX, excepting that they are use RDM protocol for their output ports.


  • SUBNET MASK, BROADCAST Y USING SUBNETS: Subnet mask can be edited. In previous versions, netmask has a fixed value of The subnet mask serves to delimit the scope of a computer network. Its function is to tell the devices which part of the IP address is the number of the network, including the subnet, and which part corresponds to the host. Devices in a subnet are isolated of the other subnets. Only devices with the same subnet mask are communicated.
  • PICCOLO II – SYSTEM: Now, when you exit to the system, with MENU/SPECIAL_COMMANDS/TOOLS/FILE_TOOLS, we do it to the desktop.
  • “RESIZE” BUTTON: Buttons to adjust the size the tables (resize) of several screens, now are represented using an icon. There are new resize buttons for the tables the la base screen the QL, for the visualization of A/B, QList/Submasters & Event list.
  • NEW SHAPES: New Shapes have been added, in concrete: Ballyhoo & FlyOut.
  • ETHERNET SESSION: When a Session is deleted from the slave in master mode (because the true session master has been disconnected), the session privileges are lost, for example, the ability to have more DMX universes.
  • FIXTURES PATCH: Editing a Patch with a large number of Fixtures (999 RGBs, etc) greatly slows down the system response in the editing of the lasted fixtures. The speed response of this edition of the fixtures patch has been significantly improved.
  • A/B Setup, QLIST Setup y OPTIONS SEQ window: New distribution of Sequence A/B options and Cue List options. Before these options were distributed in the Setup, and now they are grouped into 2 new menus: MENU / USER SETUP/QLIST(8) & MENU / USER SETUP / A/B SEQUENCE (9).
    The first for the options applicable to Cue lists and the second for the options of the A / B Sequence, that also includes those that appeared in the SEQ window, such as those for enabled / disabled the automatic time. The SEQ window no longer exists.


Solved Bugs

    Fixed: System crashes when many keys are pressed at the same time, insistently.
    Fixed: EXAM EXAM popup is displayed when loading a show, even though an error occurred while loading, and this popup hid the error message.
    Fixed: Creating a Shape, if we had windows like ‘Store as’ or ColorPicker open, and we did a RST, the system would crashed. Window and sub-window issues on master/slave systems have also been fixed.
    Fixed: From the “Load Selected” option, the Fixtures patch did not load correctly.
    Fixed: After loading from the “Load Selected” option (or reading from an ASCII file), the system could crash on the next automatic show loading, such as the one performed after changing the system configuration.
    Fixed: A master/slave system could be destabilized in transitory moments like the show loading, or the change of roles in the active session, with transitory questions that we could not get to answer.
    Fixed: On rare occasions, turning off the console and monitors at the same time, the processes of system shutdown and monitor detection could interfere, causing the console to not finish shutting down. This did not imply loss data.