New version 5.83 has already launched for Hydra II and Piccolo II.


  •  [SIM] WINDOW From this version the pushbuttons of the [SIM] window grow horizontally with the size of the window. Now, it`s more easy press them when you are working in a touch display. 

Solved Bugs

  •  [MDFY][SUB] – TOUCH PANEL. Only for Hydra II consoles: When you access to the submasters edition table, pressing MDFY SUB, as soon as you pressed in the touch panel, the system it crashed.

  • [OK][OK] – PICCOLO II CONSOLES Only for Piccolo II consoles: The OK OK command crashed the console if it was configured for only channels, that is, if you did not use fixtures in the show.

  • [REC] COMMAND Recording cues rapidly, that is, pressing [REC] key quickly and repeatedly could cause the console it crashed.