New version 6.00 has already launched for Hydra II and Piccolo II.


  • QLs – First version including QLISTs
    Version 6.00 brings us a great novelty: The implementation of QLists. 2000 QLists with up to 2000 cues each. What a great news the QList can work with different Track modes: Yes, LTP, NO and Protected. There are so many news and modes that it is recommended to read the entire QLIST chapter of the user manual, a chapter that is attached at the end of this document.
  • Windows of the Base screen
    Separate windows appear for A/B, QLIST, and Event List, previously they shared the same window on different tabs.
    From the [FUNCTIONS] window we can access the keys that open/close the different windows of the base screen, as well as some quick buttons of the Scn window. This window is of interest in HydraII systems, with a touch screen, as it allows us to use our finger to control these windows.
  • [STEP] & [P.BK]
    These function keys now work differently:

    • A click activates its function temporarily, its LED flashes, and as soon as we press a Submaster execution key, the function deactivates itself.
    • A double click activates its function permanently, its LED is on. The function thus activated will remain active until we press its key again to deactivate it.
    A new option appears to adjust the sensitivity of the level wheel to fast channel selection, the response when we type fast and have wheel movements due to inertia. Its adjustment ranges from 300ms to 500ms, in the end each user has a speed at which they are most comfortable working. This option is in the menu USER SETUP/EDITOR and TIMES. Its initial value is 400ms, and, for now, is not recorded in the show.


    The function key [QL] is simulated from the keyboard with Shift+Q
  • Editing tables
    The check of the tables, , can be edited from the keyboard, placing us in the corresponding cell and pressing [ENTER] or [OK] (from the console).
  • Menus – Setup A/B, Setup QLIST
    New layout of A/B Sequence options and Cue lists:MENU / USER SETUP / A/B SEQUENCE becomes option (9)
    And MENU / USER SETUP/QLIST disappears, since each QLIST will have its own SetupIn addition, in the USER SETUP / A/B SEQUENCE menu, the Split/Dipless and Tin/Tout options have been changed to a unique one called XF A/B: Dipless (In), Dipless (In/Out) and Split, and which defines the crossfade of the sequence.
  • “OPEN” button
    The button OPEN appears in items lists, ([CUE] [CUE], [EFFECT] [EFFECT], etc.). Button that allows us to access the examination/modification screen of the selected item.
  • Submasters options
    The InitQList option disappears from the general Setup, as of this version this option is configured in each of the QLists. From this version we visualize the status of the NO TRACK SubM option on the monitor, in the header of the Submasters window. Displaying Track / NO Track as appropriate.
  • QList integration
    QList is integrated into the system and appears as one more item on screens such as print lists, selective loading of a show, KEYS programming, etc.
  • The old lists of Cues disappear in Submasters
    Now we work with QLIST in Submasters, commands like [CUE] [1] [THRU] [5] [S1] have stopped working as they used to. And they no longer load the Cues in list mode, they do it horizontally, that is, Cue 1 to Submaster 1, Cue 2 to Submaster 2, etc.
    These commands, which capture the console output, or crossfade A/B output respectively, no longer Capture the contents of B if B is 0% on stage. This allows us a cleaner and more real capture of the scene.
    In parallel, remember that when we record the scene, the contents that have not yet started to melt will not be captured either. Remember that commands like CALL REC no longer exist, they were replaced with the [REC SCENE] button in the recording window.
    As a preview, when B or Next_Cue are at 0%, their fade has not started, we can preview their contents in the SCN window if we select the “Scene” filter. In the case of QLISTs, they will only be displayed for QLISTs that are active.
    The A/B response to multi-GOs and GO-BACKs has been improved, that is, when a new crossfade is executed without having finished the current one.
    AutoRec Qlist option to speed up QLIST recording. This option, if checked, allows us to release the editor after recording a QLIST cue and play this last cue, all automatically.
  • A/B window graphical process
    Revised and improved the graphical process of the A/B window, which slowed down the system.
    It improves and tries to adjust the behavior of the level wheel, looking for a balance between speed and effectiveness.
    HydraII & PiccoloII have the same user manual. From this version the manuals have some links to tutorial videos (on local mode and to the LT youtube channel).
    New HydraII consoles are suministrated with these videos on its HHDD. For previous consoles, these videos can be seen online, but if you have interest to have these videos in your HHDD, please, request information about in info@lt-light.comFor PiccoloII consoles, this option yet not available.

Solved Bugs

  • In some computers, about Wole, the level for channels and Submaster can be edited from the mouse scroll but it is applied in too slow.
  • When you load a converted show of Hydra Space, Sky or Spirit, the B.O. of the GM always is loaded deactivated.
  • For a master/slave system, the CITP connection (with Capture) doesn’t work in the slave console.
  • Shows of version 4.20, with macros, it’s possible that they cannot be loaded. In this case, you can:
  • Reset the console and load the show with Load Selected command, excluding macros.
  • Send us the show to
  • Version 5.84 was removed for Piccolo II, as it did not improve and returned to the OK OK error.