New version 7.02 has already launched for Hydra II and Piccolo II.


  • HYDRA II – 2º GENERATION, NOW CAN BE DELIVERED WITH LINUX: Linux operating system updated to Lubuntu 22.04
    Basic hardware configurations are based on the operating system installed on each console model. Mainly the configuration of external monitors, language, external keyboard, Ethernet ports, etc.


  • SHOW VERSION: In the MENU SHOW SHOWS title, the current version of the shows is displayed. We remember that the version of the show is not the same as that of the software. Shows only change versions when necessary, increasing compatibility of shows.
  • SYNC SLAVE FUNCTION: More status and data are now synchronized than in previous versions.
    CLONING / REPLACE FUNCTION: From this version, the color libraries are cloned when we replace an RGBW element from Orders with another RGBW element without Orders.

Solved Bugs

  • MENU TEST OUTPUTS: On some models, such as HydraII-6000, some Ethernet DMX outputs could not be examined. This bug is solved.
  • FIXTURES EDITING: Editing a fixture with only one color parameter, if we change this parameter from color to dimmer, the console crashes. This bug is solved.
  • FIXTURES PATCH: Patching more fixtures than fit in a line, the console asks us if we want to continue on the next one, if we press [ADD] instead of responding, the console crashes. This bug is solved.
  • KEYB: In some consoles with a Linux system, the simulated keyboard opened under some windows and was not visible. This bug is solved.
  • EVENT LIST / TC: Under some circumstances the last event in the event-list was not executed. This bug is solved.