New version 7.03 has already launched for Hydra II and Piccolo II.


  • SEARCH TOOLS FOR CUES/GROUPS/EFFECTS In the lists of Cues, Groups, Effects, QLists and Libraries there is a tool to search items (Cues, Groups, etc) by number or text.
  • TOUCHOSC & NEW LAYOUTS A new version of the layouts, v3, is created for the TouchOSC app. From this version, in addition to the status of the Submasters, content, etc… the color of the Submasters is also defined.
  • MIB FUNCTION & QLIST (Move In Black) Improvement for the treatment of MIB function values, especially for cases where these values are triggered in a previous Cue and then the playback order is broken and the cue that triggered the MIB values is not passed through. It is really a function designed to play the QLIST in order, if we want to play cues from a QLIST randomly, and we still want to use the MIB function, we may at some point need to delete the MIB values because they do not make sense. A button to clear MIB values has been enabled in the status line of the QL window.


  • WOLE, motor7/motor10 Wole, simulator for Windows computers, have 2 executables, motor7.exe and motor10.exe. The difference between these executables is access to some functions of the computer system (such as access to the virtual keyboard).
  • HYDRA II – ACCESS TO THE VIDEO TUTORIALS BY MENU From this version, the video tutorials can be accessed from MENU/ SPECIAL COMMADNS/ VIDEO TUTORIAS
    If your console was not the video tutorials inside, they can be included.

Solved Bugs

  • FIXTURES PATCH When patching a fixture, when you activate the cell editor of the dmx address with the mouse and then, you disable it with the mouse as well, sometimes, the console crashes.
  • QLIST # MDFY Editing a QLIST from its editing page (QLIST # MDFY), if we double clicked on a cue number (so that the editor mode is active in this field) and we closed the table with a mouse click on the close button, the console crashes.