Perform your shows from your PC, in the most easy way with Hydra II or Piccolo II simulator with the new Master & Fader Wing. Secure control system, comfortable and 100% compatible with Hydra II & Piccolo II.

Both, Master Wing & Fader Wing, allows you in editing, a quick access to the editor functions, including simultaneous management of 4 encoders.

In playback, it provides control of A/B sequence and all Submasters of the system. Master Wing with 12 Submasters and Fader Wing with 24, from which you access to the 24/48 that are configured in the system.

The connection to the PC is done by USB, and it allows us to take full advantage of the simulators Hydra II or Piccolo II.


  • 2 DMX-OUT ports, that allow you to use DMX Output from the simulator

  • 2 USB Host ports.

  • 1 USB Device port.

  • 1 working light port 12V.


  • Hydra II Master Wing: 410 x 300 x 130.

Sizes in milimeters (width x depth x height).