Type of functions

Multifunction peripheral, that permits to combine its ports to achieve several types of functions. Alls the functions are present in PIRENE, and the user selects a concrete function (only one) in accordance with the current application (at any moment, from its Menu, it is possible to change the function).

  1. MERGER dmx
    • IN 1 + IN 3 = OUT 1
    • IN 2 + IN 4 = OUT 2
    • Both mixtures are simultaneous to merge 1024 + 1024 DMX inputs
    • Each mixture can be Mix or Switch, to add or to select the inputs in each output
    • Permits to merger, automatically, DMX signals with different speeds and channels number.
    • Manual mode to control the mixture
    • Automatic mode to control of the mixture when an input signal faults
    • Bypass Relays in use if PIRENE is switched off
  2. PATCH dmx
    • IN 1 + IN 2 >> OUT 1 + OUT 2
    • Digital Patch of 1024 input channels to 1024 output channels
    • 5 possible response curves and a Limit value for each output channel
    • Functions of Search, Copy, etc. to edit the patch table easily
  3. DMX <> AVAB Converter
    • 512 DMX <> 256 AVAB
    • Simultaneous conversion in both directions
    • Selection of Avab channels by banks
  4. DMX <> MIDI Converter
    • 128 DMX <> 128 Notes / Controllers
    • Simultaneous conversion in both directions
    • Selection of the MIDI Channel and of the banks of 128 DMX channels
    • Several conversion modes, ones for sequencers, and others for MIDI keyboards
    • Usefulness: synchronisation, multimedia integration, light organ, etc.
  5. DMX <> RS 232 Converter
    • 512 DMX <> 512 RS 232
    • Simultaneous conversion in both directions
    • Usefulness: Programmable Automata, PC tools, etc.
  6. SMPTE <> MTC Converter
    • SMPTE <> Midi Time Code
    • Simultaneous conversion in both directions
    • It permits the synchronisation of unlike machines
  7. SMPTE &MTC Generator
    • >> SMPTE / MTC
    • Its time base can to operate with its clock hour (Clock) or with a inner timer (Inner)
    • With Offset function (to advance or to retreat) and From / To functions (to set the limits of time of the inner timer)
    • External button for the functions: Play, Auto-play, Pause and Stop
    • IN 1 >> OUT 1
    • Backup: Automatic & manual modes. When the DMX input line faults, the inner sequence is activated
    • Capacity: 99 Memories of 512 channels each one
    • Independent times for fade-in, fade-out and Wait. Jumps & Texts
    • Default times and function to deactivate the Wait times
    • Selection of the next memory in Scene.
    • It is possible to modify, to insert and to delete the sequence memories
    • Sequence control with function keys (Go, Pause, goBack), the fader, and external commands: RS-232, MSC (MIDI Show Control), MIDI Notes, SMPTE or MTC.

General functionalities and ports

In accordance with the selected function, the external keys and some menus change with the objective of to display and to operate, only, with the operative characteristics. However, others menus and utilities are always actives in PIRENE, and are common to any selected type of function.

Included general functions

  • TEST menu, it permits to check: the status of inputs and outputs that they are actives, alls the PIRENE ports, its keys, LEDs, the fader, etc.
  • SETUP menu, it permits to select and to edit the configurable parameters in each type the function (mode).
  • DISK menu, it permits to store and load the data and configuration in the inner memory of PIRENE. With a maximum of 99 configurations. The data always are in accordance with the mode. For this reason, the full configuration is stored or loaded at any moment.
  • PIRENE menu, it permits to select and to activate the desired type of function (mode). The use and purpose of the inputs and outputs of PIRENE, depends of this active mode.
  • LINK menu, it permits to interconnect several PIRENE and/or a PC, establishing a small net.
  • It is possible to select the desired Language for the menus.
  • In each active mode, using the keys, it is possible to activate / deactivate each active port. Each active port has astatus LED associated.
  • Main screen (guide): Each time that PIRENE is turns on or its mode is changed, the main screen appears in the display, showing the active mode and its active ports.
  • Software upgrading using a connection to the serial port of a PC.
  • Windows emulator. This program is a PIRENE replica in PC, only with a didactic objective, that it permits to familiarize oneself with the equipment (the PC ports are not controlled by this emulator).

Available ports

  • LINK, input / output communication port, to connect several PIRENE and/or a PC (RJ45, 2 connectors).
  • DMX inputs: IN-1, IN-3 & IN-4 (XLR-5 male, standard connectors).
  • DMX/AVAB input: IN-2 (XLR-5 male, standard connector).
  • DMX output: OUT-1, (XLR-5 female, standard connector).
  • DMX/AVAB output: OUT-2, (XLR-5 female, standard connector).
  • 2 outputs, copy of IN-1 & IN-2 inputs, named THRU-1 & THRU-2, (XLR-5 female, standard connectors).
  • RS232: Bi-directional serial port (SubD-9 male, standard connector).
  • SMPTE: Input port, SMPTE-IN, and output port, SMPTE-OUT (JACK female, 2 connectors).
  • MIDI: Standard MIDI port, IN-THRU-OUT (MiniDin-5 /180º, 3 standard connectors).


  • High speed, with a minimum delay in the data conversions.
  • Alphanumeric Display: 20 characters x 4 lines.
  • 12 function keys, ones dedicated, and others configurable.
  • lineal fader.
  • LED‘s (3 bicolour), for information about inputs and outputs status, power status, etc.
  • Power supply: 230V~ 50/60Hz.
  • Consume: 150mA.
  • Protections: 2 fuses 1A, type F. With main supply filter included.


  • 483 (19”) x 215 x 44 (1U). Weight: 2 Kg.

Sizes in milimeters (width x depth x height)