The remote control can work via cable or via wireless. When the transmitter is connected via cable, is supplied for its Remote Connection, from the console. When the transmitter is used via wireless, is supplied from its internal battery, and it need a receiver.

  • Has a special tools, as a chronometer.
  • Stand-by and auto power-off status, in automatic mode. These modes are auto-selected after a time of no-activity.
  • Software can be updated for PC serial portby the own user.
  • The transmission can be coded in several channels.
  • Menu with Setup (configuration), Tests and Special functions.
  • The receiver can be placed near of the console in other room.
  • The user can lock the REC key to avoid errors.

Functional and light, with a easy use under any working condition, permits us to access to the functions of the Hydra consoles. For example:

  • Test of channel, of spots dimmers, of groups and of memories.
  • Edit values for channels, scrollers and spots parameters.
  • Copy & exchange of channels, scrollers and spots inside the editor; and groups, memories, libraries, macros, etc.
  • Store & Modify of memories, groups and libraries.
  • Load & Playback of Masters, Crossfaders and Effects. Permits us to work with fade times.
  • Execute Macros and Pages, and use advanced functions of edition, as Libraries and Figures for spots.
  • Control of the Joystick Trackball using its special key in quadrature.

Composed of a cable/wireless compact Transmitter and a Receiver. The receiver only is needed to work via wireless.


  • More of 24 hours of working autonomy in ontinuous mode. Storage time superior at 6 months.
  • Alphanumeric display of 4 x 20 characters, with light.
  • 30 functions keys.
  • 1 high performance quadrature key, with functionality of Joystick and other functions.
  • 1 tricolour status LED to indicate us: low battery, stand-by mode, chronometer status…
  • 1 ION-LITHIUM battery. 7,2V / 2,2 Ah.
  • 1 compact RF transmitter at 433.92 MHz.
  • Inner transmitter antenna.
  • 1 RC male connector, of 6 pins, for cable transmission with the console.
  • 1 mini-jack female connector, to load the battery.


  • The receiver can placed in a desk or in the wall.
  • 1 green LED, for supply status (POWER).
  • 1 tricolour LED for receiver status (SIGNAL).
  • 1 compact RF receiver at 433.92 MHz. High sensibility and double filter for signal reception.
  • Receiver antenna.
  • 1 RC male connector of 6 pins, to connect the receiver to the console.


  • Transmitter: 71-115 x 233 x 31-50. Weight: 800 g.
  • Receiver: 100 x 100 x 44. Weight: 200g.

Meisures in milimeters (width x depth x height).