• Channel faders, 1 x control channel.
  • Using the “Double” function, the channels faders can work in manual crossfade mode.
  • The Masters accept Memories, Groups and Chases.
  • Channel Flash and Master Flash. The Master Flash can be configured in different modes.
  • Exam function, that it permits us exam some console item.
  • Modify function, to modify Presets & Masters.
  • The 4 arrow keys permit us place the cursor in the desired menu and data cells in the data-base display pages.
  • Num” function, this function permits us adjust the channels levels using the numerical keyboard.
  • Channel Patch, 512 dimmers with response curves & LIMIT functions. One channel can be assigned to the desired DMX direction.
  • Scrollers definition. The scroller channels are excluded of the General Master control and these work in LTP mode.
  • The MIDI function permits us synchronised the console with a external machine or other console and execute effects.
  • User setup, where to personalise the console.
  • Several Languages.
  • Storage and Retrieval of Show in the inner data memory.
  • O.L.E. (Editor Off Line for PC). Simulator complete, Titan replica, which permits us to practice, to edit and to modify the Shows using a PC. The Tritton data can be transported using a standard MIDI connection. Importing and exporting of ASCII Light Cue. Loading of Shows in the HD. Data printing in a “.txt” format.


  • 24 (36, 48) Control channels.
  • 512 Dimmer directions, Patch.
  • 12 (24, 36) Temporised Masters.
  • 99 Masters Pages.
  • 799 Memories.
  • 99 Chases. Step number not limited, and are programmed with Memories, groups or channels. Chase controls: level, speed, ramps, direction & mode. The chases accept a base memory. Up to 6 (12, 18) Chases can be executed at the same time.
  • 999 Sequence Steps, with fade-in & fade-out times, wait time & jump commands.
  • General Master with Blackout key. Configurable scale: 100% or 200 %. Channels can be excluded of its control.
  • LED per channel show us the current scene channel output.
  • Hardware & Software test.
  • Display of 2 x 20 alphanumeric characters.
  • Integrated universal power supply:85-265 V~ / 50-60 Hz.
  • 1 XLR-5. DMX out.
  • 3 Din-5. MIDI in, thru, out.


  • 24 Channels.: 605 x 500 x 50…170. Weight: 6 Kg.
  • 36 Channels.: 835 x 500 x 50…170. Weight: 8 Kg.
  • 48 Channels.: 1065 x 500 x 50…170. Weight: 10 Kg. 

Meisures in milimeters (width x depth x height).