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Zenit System is a regulation and modular system designed to suit the needs of each stage space, both in the selection of the system or systems of regulation desired, as in the distribution and protection, and offers various options for dimensioning closets. The regulatory system “ZENIT” has:

  • Advanced and unique possibilities.
  • Fits any need.

Supervisor Functions

  • Supervisor: IP address configuration of supervisors, which allows direct communication with the same from any external navigation system. Ability to control settings and Backup Supervisor (Optional).
  • Status: Recognition and diagnosis of all connected modules. With information such as frequency, voltage, temperature and type of module. In addition to direct access to configuration data dimmer (addresses, curves, etc). A comprehensive diagnosis in real time.
  • Patch: Allows you to set the DMX address (1-512) from which you will manage (entire cabinet, a full frame, each module or each dimmer). These levels allow us to cluster the patch cabinet very quickly and easily. Since the external browser also can select any range of dimmers to patch configuration.
  • Curves: Allows you to select the desired curve for each dimmer, between 7 possible curves (Linear, Linear Light, Pilot, Halogen, Fluorescent, NoDim and Park) and adjust the levels associated with the editing can be done for all the closet, full frame, each module or each dimmer. From the browser, we can also select any range of dimmers for the configuration of the curve and the curve levels associated with:
    • NoDim Level: Level at which we NoDim output curve.
    • Low level: Lower limit of the curve, between 0 and 50% with curve interpolation.
    • High level: Upper limit of the curve, between 50 and 100% with curve interpolation.
    • Preheat level: Warm-up Level.
  • DMX y ArtNet: Configuring and ArtNet control inputs (or IPX). This configuration is for the entire rack and allows us to:
    • Set control input IN1, assigning DMX512 input physics, or a universe of Artnet or IPX.
    • Set IN2 control, assigning a DMX512 input physics, or a universe of Artnet or IPX.
    • Set work mode control inputs.
  • Mode: It allows us to establish the levels of special modes 1 and Overriding Overriding 2 and Test level for the desired channels. These levels (dimmer) allow us to establish a direct programming accessible from external buttons trigger.
  • Presets, or Local Cues: The cabinet can store up to 8 presets, with an individual channel level from 0 to 100% times of entry, exit and wait.
  • Expert: We can analyze the technical parameters of the dimmer modules. With the introduction of a protection code also can edit these parameters: Parameters such as Threshold, Scanning, Synchro Source, Frequency Sys, Sys Dimmer, parameters and ventilation system performance and behavior to the overheat, etc.
  • Load/Save (Data): Up to 8 shows and complete setups can be stored locally and retrieved at any time.
  • Reset: It allows us to reset all system parameters to their default values.
  • Test: Local menu to test the elements from the supervisor..
  • Setup: local menu, enables us to establish the parameters of the Supervisor, parameters such as the behavior of the display, the Watch Dog, etc.
  • Browsers: You can access all functions of the Supervisor from any external navigation system (PC, SmartPhone, etc. ..) and any standard browser (Explorer, Safari …), all except the local configuration and test of one’s Supervisor (popup menus). From the browser is also access to a little help.

General Features

  • The Supervisor, or overall system control, give us total control, comfortable and fast all functions available in the modules.
  • An Ethernet connection to the Supervisor, allows us to access the main functions of the system from any browser and navigation system.
  • Modules and Relays Dimmers exclusive mechanics.
  • With the largest offer of market regulation systems, thyristor, triac, transistor, sine wave and mechanical relays. These systems can be combined with great freedom.
  • 2 racks formats: 19 “and 29”.
  • Control Signals:
    • Ethernet (IPX y ArtNet).
    • 2 lines DMX512A
  • Connections can be reached at the desired part of rack: Top, bottom, or side.
  • The modules are exchanged instantly without the need for reprogramming.
  • Total mix of modules of any model, without restrictions, depending of which frame we use it.
  • Total adaptation of the protection needed, adapting to any local regulations.
  • Function “Diagnostics” (Optional).

Perfect combination of reliability, experience and new technologies.

Main Features

  • Modules: 4ch x 3kW, 2ch x 3kW, 2ch x 5kW, 1ch x 10kW.
  • Indicator: LED control and status LEDs on the front of each module.
  • Supervisor (Control): Control unit consists of a dedicated control unit.
  • Upload Time: 200μs o 400μs
  • Protection: circuit breaker (MCB) of 30mA unipolar, unipolar + neutral, bipolar, or block VIGI. Integrated or external module (depending on chosen options and modules).
  • SCR Control: 100% digital, opto isolated.
  • Comp. Power: thyristor or triac / 3kW. Thyristor / 5kW.
  • EC Compatibility: According to the directives EN014/60669/60439.

External control

  • DMX512: 2 opto-isolated inputs. DMX level is kept losing the signal, automatic bypass. Tickets can be programmed as MAIN / BACKUP, MIX HTP, LTP MIX…
  • Socket control: Overriding (from the dimmer) DMX and Ethernet (protoclos ArtNet and IPX).
  • Local Control: For each channel group, or individually from the Supervisor.


The system is available in many configurations.

  • Racks: From 1 to 120 channels, depending on configurations.
  • Modules: 3kW – 5kW – 10kW. Where ponder select thyristor, triac, transistor, sinusoidal mechanical relays.
  • Backup Supervisor.
  • RDM Input Module.
  • AVAB input module.
  • Diagnostic functions report.
  • Dimming Module output voltage.
  • Power outputs in bases.
  • Main switch with differential of 30 or 300mA, VIGI block 30 or 300 mA, circuit breaker or switch for 6x5kW or 12x3kW, or 30mA differential switcher.


According to the model selected rack, the electrical protection needs and requirements, there are two basic models:

  • Standard Rack: 605 x 450 and from 1100 a 2350 (mm).
  • Rack XL: 865 x 450 and from 1100 a 2350 (mm).